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Cellular Burglar Alarm Speech Auto-Dialer and SMS Sender (GSM SIM Card)


The Advent Controls GSM Burglar Alarm Dialer is ideal for use in Burglar Alarms as a universal fit cellular phone (GSM) Auto-Dialer/SMS Message Sender (mobile phone based dialler).  It allows remote home/business security monitoring without a phone line.

The speech dialler allows you to record a 7 second long message that will play in a loop when the alarm dials out.  It can also send SMS messages and emails when the alarm sounds or the alarm is set/unset. The non-speech version plays DTMF tones during a call.

cell phone dialer with SIM card


  • Small size allows installation within alarm panel
  • Battery backup with power failure notification
  • Pre-wired for quick and easy installation
  • Ultra simple programming and set up
  • Dials, send SMS messages and email
  • SMS and email message can be customised
  • 7s user recordable voice message on alarm calls

    Two inputs are provided.  The bell input connects to the bell -ve terminal to alert up to 500 users that the alarm is sounding by dialling and SMS. The set/unset terminal is provided to inform users the alarm is armed and disarmed by SMS or email.  Additionally, emails and SMS can be sent with SIM card balance and allowance information.

    The system features a lithium ion battery which allows the unit to run when the alarm power fails.  The SMS text numbers and email address will be informed when the power fails and is restored.

    Typical programming procedure (these commands are sent to the unit by SMS from the owner's mobile phone)

    master me    (this tells the unit you are in charge)

    call me    (this tells it to call you when the alarm sounds)

    text me    (this tells it to text you when the alarm sounds)

    call 01513456412    (tells the dialler to call 01513456412)

    text 07899123456    (tells the dialler to text 07899123456)

    record a    (returns a call to allow you to record your speech message)


    csq    (gets signal strength)

    list    (replies with numbers in memory)

    Click here to download the Quick Start Guide 

    Email functions are programmed using the software available from our downloads page

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