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GSM & WiFi Alarm Dialler and SMS Sender for Fire/Burglar Alarms (with SIM Card)


The GSM Alarm Dialer is ideal for use in Burglar or Fire Alarms as a universal fit cell phone Auto-Dialer/SMS Message Sender with email. With 2 inputs both the intruder alarm bell and set/unset status can be monitored. Similarly on fire panels the fire alarm bell and fault output can be monitored.

When the alarm is triggered, dialling and messaging will commence. The message is user customisable and will be read out during a telephone call by the dialler. The system can call and text an unlimited number of users.

The GSM Only unit comes complete with a low cost, any network SIM and allows remote home/business security monitoring without a phone line.

The WiFi only version allows SMS messages to be sent and calls to be made to any landline or mobile phone without requiring a SIM card to be fitted. Calls and messages are made by our server and the device uses your home or business WiFi for connectivity (call/SMS charges apply).

The GSM & WiFi version is supplied without a SIM card and can be used with any network other than 3Mobile. The unit has an additional WiFi connection to fall back on for times when the network or SIM card is inoperable. In this case SMS messages and calls are made by our server (call/SMS charges apply; this only occurs when the GSM section is in fault status).

Setup is performed using a web-browser on any internet enabled device including Smart Phones, PCs, Macs and tablets. If your device has a web browser like Chrome, it can be used to set up the system.

The Live Screen for your device displays your current account balance and can be topped up by £5, £10 or £20 by using the Paypal button. The GSM only unit, which is supplied with a SIM, will be deducted £1.99 each month to cover the SIM card network connection costs (this does not apply to the WiFi only dialler which doesn't have a SIM). Email messages are always free (ideal for set/unset messages). Alarm SMS and calls costs are displayed below.

The PCB features indicator LEDs to help identify problems such as low signal or network faults.

The SIM Fault LED lights if the device cannot use the SIM; check the orientation of the SIM and remove all PIN numbers or set them to 0000
The No Signal LED lights when no GSM signal can be found; check the aerial is fitted correctly. The LED will flash when the signal strength is less than 11. Keep the aerial away from wires and metallic surfaces.
The Network Fault LED lights when there is a problem with the network service.
Please note the board is supplied with a suitable antenna and 10cm SMA cable only.


All GSM PCBs are supplied with a quad band stub antenna and a PCB to aerial connector cable (~15cm long).  Antennas should be mounted outside of metallic enclosures.  The PCB connector is a U.FL connector and the aerial connector is a standard GSM SMA connector shown below (should an extension cable be required).


SMA Conector for use with GSM Alarm Dialer


Our optional sticky backed antenna makes installation quick and simple however this can only be mounted on non-metallic thin surfaces.  Various antennas are available from our wesbite - please see 'Accessories'. 


For indoor appplications the PCB fits into the Hammond 1591B enclosure.



Call and SMS Pricing (WiFi & GSM):


£0.15 per message (UK & Ireland Mobiles)

£0.15 per call (UK & Ireland Mobiles and Landlines)

£0.50 per message (UK personal Numbers 070/076xx)

£0.50 per call (UK Mobiles and Landlines 070/076xx)



SIM Card Pricing (GSM units only):


£1.99 per month (throughout Europe)


The GSM Only unit is available without a SIM card; please ask for a unit without a SIM. Unfortunately we cannot offer full technical support for SIM-free units.



The GSM/WiFi burglar alarm system that calls you without using a landline phone line

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