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GSM Door Phone Intercom


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Our GSM Door Entry Intercom allows callers to your property to speak to you no matter whether you are in or out. When connected to a door or gate you can grant a visitor access using your telephone. Using the GSM network, the unit requires only power to operate making installation simple.

The door output relay can be activated by pressing your telephone’s star * key during a call or by calling the system from any registered telephone with caller ID enabled (Open on Call)

The Advent Controls GSM Door Entry Intercom System Key Features: 

  •    Internal Aerial for Simple and Fast Installation
  •    Simple SMS Programming using Intuitive Commands
  •    High Audio Quality
  •    Space for up to 384 Numbers (Call number and Dial-to-Open)
  •    Dial-to-Open Access Control
  •    Lowest Price GSM Intercom on Market

    Calls are dialled in the order in which they are added. The numbers are dialled sequentially until a call is answered and rejected (hung-up) or a call is answered and the * key is pressed or until all of the numbers have been dialled. To activate the output relay and open a door or gate the call recipient should press and hold the * key on their phone until the call has ended.     

    The manual can be downloaded from here:

    Quick Start Guide available here:

    We recommend you choose a network call package to reflect expected usage. The Intercom is suitable for all UK networks apart from the '3' network (and shebang and they are a 3 reseller)            

    Should I buy a 3G intercom?         


    Setup and operation is performed by simple SMS text messages including adding and removing user telephone numbers. A complete list of accepted telephone numbers can be viewed via SMS text message. Additionally the memory can be scanned with an individual number, the result displayed by an on-board LED and SMS text.

    Balance checking is available using the FORWARD, SMS and DIAL commands (see manual).