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Discontinuation of O2 PAYG Classic SIMs

Thank you for using our GSM Dialler. We have been supplying these diallers for a decade now and have seen many changes to the SIM cards available in that time. In the last 10 years the market has changed significantly and most recently our preferred dialler SIM, the O2 PAYG Classic, has been discontinued.

If you are currently using one of these SIM cards we strongly recommend you stop using it as soon as possible. We added data connectivity to our products in 2015 to make programming easier and to add email functionality. Additionally we were able to monitor your dialler for faults and update the firmware to meet a changing environment.

Since O2 discontinued the PAYG Classic SIM they also amended the data metering. Data is now charged in 20MB blocks even if the connection only uses a single byte. Up until recently typical data usage was the minimum 1p per day; the data rate of our dialler being 10s-100s of byte per second maximum. However, once charging in 20MB blocks commenced users of this SIM card have seen over £1 of data usage per day.

We still recommend ASDA PAYG SIM cards, however in the long term; we no longer believe any UK PAYG SIM cards are suitable for alarm diallers. Consequently we no longer supply SIM free diallers and only offer diallers with dedicated IoT SIMs cards or WiFi connectivity. We can supply any network machine-to-machine SIM cards for existing dialler users with firmware version 7.xx. Typically these are blue coloured PCBs or black in the case of Honeywell ADE diallers. A firmware update is required to use an IoT SIM card and you must provide us with the existing number so we can change the APN via SMS.


£1.99 per month (data and SIM card connectivity)

£0.15 per SMS or call (UK/EU and US mobile/landlines)


WiFi diallers are now available if you have WiFi at the property. There are no recurring monthly costs for WiFi units.


Price Comparison

Our WIFI minimum Annual Top-Up: £0 (£0.15 per call/£0.15 per message)

Our IoT SIM minimum Annual Top-Up: £24 (£0.15 per call/£0.15 per message)

1p Mobile Minimum Annual Top-Up: £30 (£0.01 per call/£0.01 per SMS )

O2 PAYG Minimum Annual Top-Up: £120 (no SMS/call costs)

EE PAYG Minimum Annual Top-Up: £20 (£0.35 per call/£0.15 per SMS no data)

Vodafone PAYG Minimum Annual Top-Up: £120 (no SMS/call costs)


Data charges are in addition to the above whereas we provide full data connection with our SIM cards