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Cellular IoT Web-based Industrial Controller (2-input 2-output)


The C5 IoT device allows for a cellular (SIM card based) connection to the IoT portal It is used for controlling industrial equipment in the field where there is no landline based connection. It can be monitored online via it's own website and can send emails, SMS text messages and make telephone calls when alert conditions are met. It can be configured remotely to automatically control equipment based on input criteria using the output relays - effectively creating a closed loop control system.

Two 0-36V voltages can be measured on the input channels and displayed remotely on the website or by SMS text message. The user can configure threshold voltages whereby an input voltage going higher than the upper threshold voltage or below the lower threshold voltage will cause an event. These events can be used to trigger sending messages (email and or SMS) or can be used to control the output relays either on or off or on a configurable timer. It is also possible to set multiple voltage thresholds on one input to warn of increasingly higher or lower voltage levels. This can correspond to operating additional output relays. A closed loop control system can be easily created using the inputs and outputs on this device with the additional benefit of a message being sent when each level of control is reached.

The PCB has two 10A isolated outputs. The output relays can be controlled either by input events, through the webpage or by SMS and phone calls.

We offer customisation of the device webpage and options for connectivity (SIM cards, SIM free, always-on...).

For small projects the device available on this page is supplied SIM free.