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Cellular IoT Enabler System (SIM Card Based)

Cellular IoT Enabler System (SIM Card Based)


The C5 IoT device allows for a GSM connection to the IoT portal

Two 0-36V voltages can be measured on the input channels and trigger thresholds can be set to initiate SMS/email sending and phone calls. These voltages can be viewed at any time on the device webpage which is available by following the temporary secure link sent by email or SMS from the unit. 

The PCB has two 10A isolated outputs. These can be controlled by SMS or directly from the device webpage.

We offer customisation of the device webpage and options for connectivity (SIM cards, SIM free, always-on...).

For small projects the device available on this page is supplied SIM free with 6 months subscription to (Normal cost £15 per annum on expiry)

To test functionality we have wired IPA to the # relay (NO#/COM#) and IPB to the * relay (NO*/COM*)

Please remove you message and number after using the demo system.