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D5 SIM Card Remote Data Logger/Real Time Monitoring (GSM/GPRS)


The D5 IoT Data Logger system allows you to get your device straight onto the web for monitoring and data logging via PC or smart phone. It has 8x 0-10V analogue inputs with 0.01V resolution and two relay outputs which can be operated via the Live Screen or using a 7-day timer. It comes complete with a SIM card which works throughout Europe and uses any mobile network available to send your data straight to your web browser. It simply requires 11-24V AC or DC to operate and immediately starts sending data over the web. No setup required.

 gsm data logger

The Live Screen can have a customised title and each input channel can be named and scaled uniquely. This allows you to create a customised Internet of Things (IoT) solution for your product in an instant.

In the above demonstration we have connected a solar panel with a load resistor to the IP1 terminal. Using the web-setup page, we have renamed channel 1 'Solar' and given it the unit 'lux' and entered a scale value to convert the voltage to a lux reading. We have also titled the screen 'Solar Power Monitor'. The actual voltage is also available on channel IP2.

The system can send emails and SMS messages when certain voltage levels (or in the demo, Lumens levels) are exceeded. The colour of the dials will change to red whenever these set levels are exceeded.

instant iot chart view

The data for each of the 8 inputs is recorded and securely stored on the cloud (using an Amazon AWS Server) and can be viewed online using the powerful chart view pages. These pages offer averaging and data views down to minute intervals of each channel.

The approximate location of the device is also logged and stored and can be viewed over the web.

Quick Start  Guide (Manual)

The data logger also features the programmable logic controller (PLC) available on our IoT products


Each input channel can be reconfigured to accept data from one individual terminal on the PCB. This allows multiple voltage level alerts to be set. Thus, a message can be sent when the voltage/signal continues to increase beyond the initial alert level.

Update rates can be varied from once every 2 seconds to once every 2 minutes. Default setting is for intelligent logging (update on change).

Full customisation of the web-page and PCB available. We welcome enquiries to contact us to discuss customisation.


SIM/Web Hosting: £3-8+VAT pm*

Email: £0 (free, unlimited)

SMS: £0.10+VAT per message

Network:Click here for compatible networks


Technical Spec

Supply:  11V to 24V AC/DC (40mA-15mA idle) 

Input Voltage: 0V to 13.3V max.

Output Relay Voltage: 30V max.

Output Current: 100mA max.

Cellular Bands: GSM (850-1900MHz)

Aerial: U.FL Connector

*Data costs depends on update rate - 2 minute update (default) keeps the unit on the £3pm tier rising to £8pm for 30s updates.