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A5 GSM Fire/Burglar Alarm Communicator Auto-Dialer and SMS Sender (SIM Card)


The A5 GSM Alarm Dialer is ideal for use in Burglar or Fire Alarms as a universal fit cellular phone (GSM) Auto-Dialer/SMS Message Sender (mobile phone based dialler).  It allows remote home/business security monitoring without a phone line.

With 2 inputs both the intruder alarm bell and set/unset status can be monitored. Similarly on fire panels the fire alarm bell and fault output can be monitored. If the alarm is triggered a user customisable SMS message can be sent to up to 500 numbers. Additionally up to 500 numbers can be called to instantly alert users to the alarm sounding.

Ideal for use in Intruder and Fire Alarms as a universal fit Auto-Dialer/SMS Message Sender

For use with an intruder alarm please see this video



 For use with a Fire Alarm Panel please see this video



A complete list of accepted telephone numbers can be viewed via SMS text message. Sending ‘CSQ’ in a SMS text to the SIM card number will return the signal strength which should be greater than 8 for a reliable connection. The No Signal LED will flash once per second if the signal is less than 11.
A ‘master’ (admin) phone number must be set to control the dialler.  There can be several master numbers.  Whilst the jumper is connected, the ‘master’ command will be accepted and you will be able to set up a new master number.
The SIM Fault LED lights if the device cannot use the SIM; check the orientation of the SIM and remove all PIN numbers or set them to 0000
The No Signal LED lights when no GSM signal can be found; check the aerial is fitted correctly. The LED will flash when the signal strength is less than 11. Keep the aerial away from wires and metallic surfaces.
The Network Fault LED lights when there is a problem with the network service. This is normally due to the SIM not having sufficient credit.
From your mobile phone send an SMS text to the device’s SIM card’s telephone number
Master me     …sets your number as an admin number
The dialler will reply with a link to your unit's webpage which can then be used to set up further telephone numbers. Alternatively the dialler can be set up by SMS as follows...
The dialler has a list of numbers to send SMS messages to and a separate list of numbers to call when triggered. To add numbers to either list a message is sent from the master phone as follows:
text 07123456789.
call 07123456789.
To remove a Master, Call Number or Text Number from the memory use the REMOVE command as follows:
Remove 07000777888.
remove me


Balance checking is available using the FORWARD, SMS and DIAL commands (see manual).


Quick Start Guides available here: QSG A5 v6.05


Please note the board is supplied with a suitable antenna and 10cm SMA cable only.


The A5 Burglar alarm system that calls you without using a landline phone line


The enclosure is available as an option as well as a contract sim.




Anything else I need to know?


All PCBs are supplied with a quad band stub antenna and a PCB to aerial connector cable (~15cm long).  Antennas should be mounted outside of metallic enclosures.  The PCB connector is a U.FL connector and the aerial connector is a standard GSM SMA connector shown below (should an extension cable be required).


SMA Conector for use with GSM Alarm Dialer


Our optional sticky backed antenna makes installation quick and simple however this can only be mounted on non-metallic thin surfaces.  Various antennas are available from our wesbite - please see 'Accessories'. 



When deciding on which network to use we recommend that you search on the network provider home page to ensure you will receive a good signal in your geographic location. Please note GSM products do not work with 3G only networks such as 'Three'.  The Site Finder website is very useful for finding your closest mast and network


For indoor appplications the PCB fits into the Hammond 1591B enclosure.


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