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GSM Roller Shutter Remote Control


Balance checking is available using the FORWARD, SMS and DIAL commands (see manual).


Please note the board is supplied with a suitable antenna and 10cm SMA cable only.


The enclosure is available as an option.


Anything else I need to know?


All PCBs are supplied with a quad band stub antenna and a PCB to aerial connector cable (~15cm long).  Anrtennas should be mounted outside of metallic enclosures.  The PCB connector is a U.FL connector and the aerial connector is a standard GSM SMA connector shown below (should an extension cable be required).


SMA Conector for use with GSM Alarm Dialer


Our optional sticky backed antenna makes installation quick and simple however this can only be mounted on non-metallic thin surfaces.  Various antennas are available from our wesbite - please see 'Accessories'. 



When deciding on which network to use we recommend that you search on the network provider home page to ensure you will receive a good signal in your geographic location. Please note that this unit does not work with 3G only networks such as 'Three'.  The Site Finder website is very useful for finding your closest mast and network


For indoor appplications the PCB fits into the Hammond 1591B enclosure.


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