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Yale HSA/EF Compatible Wireless GSM Alarm Dialler, SMS Sender and Emailer



The Advent Controls Wireless GSM Alarm Dialler connects wirelessly to your Yale HSA Premium Alarm or Yale Easy Fit Series Alarm.  When your alarm sounds it calls, texts and/or emails your mobile.  It can text and email you when your alarm is set and unset and email you when individual sensors (like PIRs or Door Contacts) are triggered or tampered with.  With it's own internal battery it can be mounted in another room of your property away from your panel and potential harm by burglars.  If the power is cut the internal battery allows the device to stay active and keeping your property secure for up to 6 hours.

Setup and operation is  performed by simple SMS text messages including adding and removing user  telephone numbers.  To set the dialler up you tell it your phone is in charge by simply sending it the following text message:

master me

To get it to call and text your mobile in the event of an alarm you simply send:

call me

text me

To add other numbers you send their number in a SMS as follows:

call 07123456789

text 07123456789

To register your alarm with the dialler you simply send:

 Learn start

…set and unset your alarm and then send:

Learn stop

After this the dialler is ready to alert you to any intrusions.

Yale Alarm Dialler Quick Start Guide

The Yale Alarm Dialler features  the Advent Controls Daily Health Check system.   The device can be set to  connect to the Advent Controls server every day to deliver important diagnostic  information and SIM card balance and allowances.  Should settings be outside  specification or if the SIM card allowance is low an email is sent to the  relevant person.

Example of fault emails are  shown below:

Low balance - please check:   Your balance is 0.000 GBP.  You have 1.220 GBP for UK Calls and Texts only.  To make international calls please Top Up.

Low signal strength 8. This  should be over 12. Try repositioning the aerial or perhaps changing network.

Please note system email address requires an annual subscription - initial 12 months included in the sale  price - calls and text do not require an annual subscription.